ALEX | June, 2017

With clients expecting more and more return from their investment a new trend has taken hold in the last few years; the advertorial.


Editorial content with a commercial focus is key to reader engagement and retention and it’s easy to see the impact this can have for a client.


A publication is putting it’s name on the line for a client, the content is not only validated by the publisher is also sends a stronger message to the consumer, credibility.


And this is actually a priced commodity today, credibility plays a fundamental role in the selling point and we at Penta know the importance and extra care this type of content requires.


We see a clear a rise in advertorial content and we are taking it one step further by offering our clients not only a designed article, but the possibility of taking that content to other platforms and media like video and visual storytelling.


There are many ways an advertorial can be approached, but always with a clear goal of making it work for our clients.

Alex Probst

Founder of Penta with 25 years of experience in news design.